British English Centre has a reputation of a highly professional and prestigious linguistic center. Teaching Russian takes a special place in our work, as Russian is our native language, and we are glad to provide foreigners with Russian language courses.

Our courses are designed for the needs of the expatriate community and our methods combine intensive teaching with a personal and communicative approach. All our courses are run by experienced and qualified teaching staff.

1. Mini Group. Classes are held in groups of up to 6 people.

Every day from Monday to Saturday. This effectively explore and develop their English skills. The training is conducted by a specially developed program. All available literature from England. The low cost of making education accessible. Price group lessons for adults -2000 KGS per month, training duration: 1 hour 20 minutes. Every Saturday for the students supplementary classes on grammar for repetition and consolidation. Conducted private lessons cost-350 som, duration 60 min with Russian-speaking teachers. Individual classes are also held with the support - Englishman cost-KGS 600, the duration of 1 hour.

There are groups with a teacher from England (a graduate of Cambridge University Press). Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT - a teacher from England.
A special offer: Bring a friend and receive a discount of 250 som.
Spec. Offer: Only Talking Club c Englishman at an affordable price.
Preparing for Work and Travel.

2. Special attention is paid to teaching pre-school children and school children.

When teaching grammar school children to pay attention and phonetics to the correct formulation of the language. Teachers are guided by the British curriculum. The cost of education for children from 4 to 9 years - 1600 som, 4 times a week: 3 times grammar, Talking Club 1 time in different ways: in the form of games, scenes, watching educational programs, cartoons in English, through the sense of touch. The cost of education for children from 10 years and above - 2000 soms, 6 times per week. 3 times grammar, 2x Talking Club, 1 time watching movies, and 2 times a month to organize the event, reading speed, a better knowledge of English schoolchildren.

3. BLC will organize a summer camp with the trip and stay in the United States and England.

Organized a summer camp with a trip to the Issyk-Kul, where children have to communicate only in English, to improve his English.

4. Translation services from different languages ​​on different topics:

  • medical,
  • legal,
  • technical,
  • business letters,
  • documentation.